woensdag 31 augustus 2011

OUTFIT 31.08.2011

trousers In Wear, top Zara, bracelet H&M, shoes Zara, handbag Chloé

Black and white are such classy colours that you can wear it whenever and where ever you're going, you'll always look good! So I decided to make an outfit post of it. Although I love colours a lot, and normally add some colour to it, but today I decided not to and keep it clean and simple. When I was taking the pictures it made me realise that I don't have a black leather jacket, which would look beautiful on it (and on so many more outfits), and give it that little extra, so I know what my next hunt will be, haha!

dinsdag 30 augustus 2011


I just found out that Rihanna has a new song, featuring Nicki Minaj, and I'm listing to it over and over again.. I love the song! While I'm listing i'm going to read the september issue of Marie-Claire Belgium. wich I have for over more than a week now, but I haven't come to it to read it..
and i'm hoping that I get some inspiration for the Fall season..

Goodnight to you all!

OUTFIT 30.08.2011

blouse Zara, Skirt Zara, belt Hermes, bracelets Dyrberg/kern

One of the items of my sneek peek post from yesterday, my (fine) tweed skirt!
I  hadn't have much time this afternoon, but  I wanted to show you guys this lovely item, 
so I took a few pictures in a hurry.
I bought it at Zara (as as many things I buy there because I am incredibly in love with their collections).
The lovely thing about the skirt is that you can wear it also with a pair of boots, stockings and an oversized sweater and it still not loses its dignity..
I am pretty sure that i'm going to wear it a lot this fall!


maandag 29 augustus 2011


Went to the city this afternoon , and I bought these 2 lovely items.
One of these days I'll make a outfitpost of it, but right now I just wanted to make you guys curious!

OUTFIT 29.08.11

blazer Zara, shirt Zara, pants Fornarina (old ones), shoes Zara, bracelet Mango, belt Zara

And this is what it will be when the sun finally comes out..

To bad it's such a cold weather!
But since it's still summer, I don't want to wear dark pants right now, 
so I prefer my white onces.. (I wear them way to often!)

Thumbs up this afternoon, because I have my last exam! 
I hope it works out well. (and after I'm going for a shop, woehoe!)

zondag 28 augustus 2011


I discovered a new website: Boutiques.com
You can create your own boutiques, in a couple of minutes, just by clicking on some pictures.
This online store has beautiful things, plus you can also follow people, even celebrities.
But though, they have some really nice things in their collection.

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011


handbag River Island, shoes Alaïa (via net-a-porter.be), blazer H&M, trousers 7 for all mankind


blazer zara, trousers h&m, top zara
Black and white combination is always so classic, but real pretty.
So I thought, well, since it's still summer, I'm gonna 'pop it up' a bit, by putting on my pink blazer. I haven't actually worn my blazer since I have it. Such a shame!


blazer: Zara, dress: Zara, handbag: Longschamp,  belt: Hermes, shoes: Zara
Actually I should be studying right now, but I couldn't help it to post an outfit.
It's a little 'summerish', but with all the bad weather in Belgium, we haven't been able to wear our summer clothes, so I have a big desire to wear them, can't help it and you can't blame me!

So, now I'm off, going to study some more, yeay..

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011


                                                                         (bracelet: Dyrberg/kern)

I bought myself a little present!
I can't live without my bracelets, and I figured out there was one missing.
It come in handy because it moves around your wriste, It's not like it's a hard piece of steel, so it's quit nice to wear it all the time.

donderdag 25 augustus 2011


About 2 weeks ago I saw those adorable shoes at the online shop of Zara.
I was instantly in love with them because they're classics, you can wear them at any outfit, they will give it the little extra to make it 'glam'. I love them!