zaterdag 13 juli 2013


So today started off like it was going to rain for 5 weeks, but it turned out as a super nice and hot day, finally, because winter stayed too long!

I am wearing my new white shorts and a loose top with some cute sandels. I didn't felt like dressing up, because I was -and still am- enjoying the sun by laying in the garden all day.

      Top: Zara.   Shorts: Bershka

      Sunglasses: Ray Ban

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures!)

vrijdag 12 juli 2013


Hello everyone!

I went to Ghent yesterday and I bought 2 new shorts.
I was looking for some pair for a long time now, because I go to Tomorrowland (yaay!), so I really needed some new ones.
On the following pictures you can see that I bought 2.
One's from Zara, the other from Bershka.
I also made a (quick) outfit photo with one of the shorts, so you can see how perfectly it fits (I am madly in love with the black-white one from Zara!)

Have a happy day!

Left: Bershka     Right: Zara

Left: Bershka     Right: Zara

Left: Bershka     Right: Zara