dinsdag 6 september 2011


                                                                                                        What do you think about this belt?
dress Zara, belt (orange) Hermes, belt (bow) Zara, blazer Zara, shoes Massimo Dutti

I am trying some outfits on for tomorrow, because i'm going for a lunch with my best friend.
I think it's going to be this one, but I'm doubting about the belt.. Which one do you prefer? The orange Hermes belt or the one with the little bow? I think they fit both, but the orange one is more comfortable than the other one.
Although I hope it's not going to rain tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to search for another outfit.. stupid weather!!

zondag 4 september 2011

OUTFIT 04.08.2011

t-shirt Forever21, trousers H&M,  ankle boots New Look, bracelet (silver) H&M, bracelet (black leather)  Forever21

Here is a new outfit post.
Hadn't had any time yesterday to post one, so I did it today..
I hope that I have some time tomorrow to post a new one as well!
I'm off now!

vrijdag 2 september 2011

OUTFIT 02.08.2011

dress Zara, belt Hermes, shoes Zara, earrings Forever21, bracelet Forever21

I promised that I would post a new outfit today, so here it is!
I wear this dress a lot, it feels really  nice when I have it on, and I love the colour!
I also posted a photo with my new earrings from Forever21. (although the photo is kind of dark..)
So tonight I'm going out, as I said before, and I will make some photo's of what I'm wearing then, but I reaaaaly don't know yet :(.

donderdag 1 september 2011


I'm listening to this song right now, and it's like beyond good, 
so I really really really have to share it with you guys!
I just keep listening to it over and over again.
Maybe some of you know it already, but then you know it's just such an outrageous song.

You really have to listen to it!!! (the best part starts around 1min.)


silver bracelets H&M, camel and black bracelet Forever21, Tee's Forever 21, earrings Forever21, shoes New Look

So today I went to Antwerp for some shopping.
Thanks to the lovely weather some friends and I had a great time.
I didn't really had some things in mind that I really wanted, I just went for the basics, like the Tee's..
But there was one thing I was looking for, those H&M bracelets because in the shop at Ghent they still don't have them, so it was great that I could buy them over there.

Offcourse I went to the Forever21 shop which that everyone is talking about.
That shop is huuuuuuuge! You just don't know where to look first, you need like 2 days before you've seen everything in there!
As I said before, for clothing I just bought the basic black and white tee. But I was really in love with the jewellery! So I also bought those 2 bracelets, in Camel and Black, and my earrings, they have a gold colour.

I bought my boots at New Look. But I really doubted about the pair I bought and some camel wedges with laces in the front.. But since a lot of people have those already, I decided to take the black onces, and also because I loved them like a that little more!

Tomorrow's another day, I'm finally going out tomorrow night, I soooooo looking forward to it! and I will post an outfit post, promise!

Have a good night to all of you!!


So today I'm heading off to Antwerp!
I'm really excited because It's been a while since I've been there and I'm really curious about the Forever21 store! When I'm back I'm back I'll tell you all about it, and hopefully I have some pictures!

Have a good day all of you!