donderdag 1 september 2011


silver bracelets H&M, camel and black bracelet Forever21, Tee's Forever 21, earrings Forever21, shoes New Look

So today I went to Antwerp for some shopping.
Thanks to the lovely weather some friends and I had a great time.
I didn't really had some things in mind that I really wanted, I just went for the basics, like the Tee's..
But there was one thing I was looking for, those H&M bracelets because in the shop at Ghent they still don't have them, so it was great that I could buy them over there.

Offcourse I went to the Forever21 shop which that everyone is talking about.
That shop is huuuuuuuge! You just don't know where to look first, you need like 2 days before you've seen everything in there!
As I said before, for clothing I just bought the basic black and white tee. But I was really in love with the jewellery! So I also bought those 2 bracelets, in Camel and Black, and my earrings, they have a gold colour.

I bought my boots at New Look. But I really doubted about the pair I bought and some camel wedges with laces in the front.. But since a lot of people have those already, I decided to take the black onces, and also because I loved them like a that little more!

Tomorrow's another day, I'm finally going out tomorrow night, I soooooo looking forward to it! and I will post an outfit post, promise!

Have a good night to all of you!!

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